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15 ICONS of Motorcity



A pleasure to share my workll.

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Where is Motorcity?

Well, according to my TV guide, there is no Motorcity episode scheduled to air this evening. However, others on Tumblr have searched their guides and found an episode scheduled to air at the end of the month, 11/29.

But since this is Disney XD we're talking about, you never know if it's going to change again or not. I don't know about you guys but I sure am getting tired of Disney's bs. 

EDIT: Of course minutes after I post this, new information is released from People of Motorcity. The next episode is supposed to air at 12:30 AM Monday December 3rd. Hello, strange new time slot.
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[personal profile] gigirl9422012-11-05 01:04 pm

Motorcity will not be picked up for a second season.

 Here at [community profile] thelaughingplace 

This news was confirmed by PeopleofMotorcity, an animator run blog on tumblr, about an hour ago.

Spoilery icon post

Spoilers for the latest leaked episode Like Father, Like Daughter.
Please don't click the fake cut if you don't want to be spoiled, my loves~


Forty Two (42) Motorcity icons (Julie heavy),
here at my journal! ♥
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[18] Motorcity (Mike, Chuck)
[18] Gintama (Takasugi)
[6] Kuroko's Basketball (Aomine)

[42] Total


right here!
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Sup MC comm! Got 90 icons for you all again. Next up, a Texas, Dutch, and Julie heavy batch!

As always -- you're free to edit, just remember to credit. :)

[90] MOTORCITY (Kaia, Mike, Julie, Chuck, Dutch, Texas, The Duke)

( 90 total under the fake-cut! )
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Motorcity - "Reunion" discussion

(Hope this is allowed, it has been a couple of
days and I saw no episode so...)

Turns out there's no such thing as a hiatus when itunes has a mind of its own as far as leaking episodes goes.
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A tiny fanmix of just some songs that I think would be the kind of stuff each Burner would be blasting from their cars and then slow down next to some Motorcity hottie all, "...how about a ride?" :)c

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fifteen icons

[15] Motorcity (Mike, Chuck)
[8] Gintama
[11] Inuyasha
[12] The Secret Circle
[6] Kuroko's Basketball
[2] Fate/Zero

[54] Total

right here!
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Episode Discussion: 07/12/12


Thoughts and live-commenting about the episode?

(no subject)

I have this bad habit of screen capping whatever show I'm watching and making icons for it whether I'm going to use them or not, so I figured I'd share some of them.

Don't care if you use them as bases, and credit to this screen name, please!


Fake cut to the entry at my journal~
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art post

Hi there. I have a couple bits of NSFW art for you.


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(no subject)

Hey all! I have 50 icons of the Burners here (with an emphasis on Mike and Chuck for embarrassing roleplay account reasons). I should have another (Kaia-heavy) batch coming up soon. :] If you take them, all I ask is credit to my icon community [community profile] cookingwithpain!

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fanart dump

Hi i'm jo I GUESS

FOR MY FIRST POST HERE i'll just dump all the art i've done so far??? wow cool greta let's go let's do this let's ROCK

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Fanart: Mike/Chuck and Julie/Claire

Guess I'll break the ice and be the first one to post fanart. Yikes, here goes. (both are sfw)

EDIT: Er, it won't let me use all the tags, so.

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let's start with a...


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Episode Discussion: Ride of the Fantasy Vans

Spoiler Warning! This post contains spoilers for the July 5th episode, "Ride of the Fantasy Vans".

Thoughts about the recent episode?
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