disasterkins: (Motorcity - Texas)
Disasterkins ([personal profile] disasterkins) wrote in [community profile] motorcity2012-11-16 03:05 pm

Where is Motorcity?

Well, according to my TV guide, there is no Motorcity episode scheduled to air this evening. However, others on Tumblr have searched their guides and found an episode scheduled to air at the end of the month, 11/29.

But since this is Disney XD we're talking about, you never know if it's going to change again or not. I don't know about you guys but I sure am getting tired of Disney's bs. 

EDIT: Of course minutes after I post this, new information is released from People of Motorcity. The next episode is supposed to air at 12:30 AM Monday December 3rd. Hello, strange new time slot.

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