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A tiny fanmix of just some songs that I think would be the kind of stuff each Burner would be blasting from their cars and then slow down next to some Motorcity hottie all, "...how about a ride?" :)c

TEXAS | The Knocks + Fred Falke | geronimo

Love this song to pieces, it continually revs up and down in a classic stadium EDM style, but its relentless, pulsating, ice-cube crunching mentality goes for gold with spinning, futuristic glitch and unstable amps.

JULIE | Theophilus London | love is real (fred falke remix)

On a Fred Falke kick since forever, sorry. Assertive and headstrong; sweet and idealistic. French sensibilities paired with a hard left turn into LES bluster. Perfect song to bliss out to.


Well, in the case of Chuck, you might have to be the one to drive up to him. But this dreamy yet warped space-beach tune and a cheeseburger in the passenger seat might be your ticket to having a blonde nervous wreck in your car. Just don't drive too fast.

MIKE | Martin Solveig | the night out (lenno remix)
I originally picked Madeon's version before switching to Lenno instead-- this mix is much more lighter, with its whirly, twirly whooping synths and its disregard for any major buildups, compared to the heavy-handed and anthemic Madeon scrub.

DUTCH | That Work | secret lover (party supplies remix)
This particular song hangs back at about a 35 degree tilt, preferring to glide along a playful, skitzy arrangement of keyboards. Take it slow, take it smooth-- we've got all night, honey. ;)

[Download @ Mediafire]

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