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Episode Discussion: 07/12/12


Thoughts and live-commenting about the episode?
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[personal profile] expletives 2012-07-13 01:03 am (UTC)(link)
further proof that duke is the absolute best of anything: acquired

also, i know he said it was a "motorcity exclusive", but i can't help but wonder how the whole double-agent thing is gonna work if julie's face is plastered on television
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Cyborg Dan nominated for best character.
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it happens to the best of us...
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literally the funniest episode o've seen..

i couldn't stop laughing at Texas' one-liners omg.
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Oh! I didn't even notice that. Maybe he has it installed on both sides? Or however it works.
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everything in this episode was gold and this episode was gold
Chuck was especially screamy though, I mean dang
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Does anyone know what Dutch's weapon is? It looked like he was holding a sword, but there's a distinct lack of lasers and/or blades.

(if it is a sword/lightsaber of some sort, the "blade" could not come out until Dutch makes it. but everyone else was prepared to fire, why wouldn't his be?)