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Fanart: Mike/Chuck and Julie/Claire

Guess I'll break the ice and be the first one to post fanart. Yikes, here goes. (both are sfw)

EDIT: Er, it won't let me use all the tags, so.

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Oh my Gosh, they're both so adorable! I love how Mike is just bridal-carrying Chuck and Chuck's face is just bbb it is a thing that needs to happen in the show :'))

Secondly: aww yiss femslash and/or really good friends

I'm actually quite excited to see the Julie-centric episode? Like, her relationship with Claire/the rest of her family, her life in Deluxe, just more backstory about Julie!

Unrelated I don't have any Motorcity icons yet.. I am going to fix that.
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Okay, oops, sorry about that! We're just trying to tag things as they come along due to the fact that figuring out tags on-the-spot is kind of hard...

Fixed the tags!