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let's start with a...


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name: Bianca
preferred pronouns: she, her, etc
age: 19
location: CT, USA
other online hangouts: Tumblr (personal blog is twineedle, fanart blog is boyshort)

what do you love about it: The animation, the character interactions, design, everything! Such a breath of fresh air; I feel really inspired after I watch it.
favorite character: can't choose just one so... Chuck, Julie, and No. 2
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: I know it's Disney's fault for the episode mix-ups, but I do want to see more of Texas and Julie's backgrounds.
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) nope

other fandoms: I'm not normally active in fandoms (this is my first one in a while), but most of the shows/games/etc I enjoy are in my interests. (really into Bastion atm, and I am always ready to talk about Pokemon haha)
hobbies: Drawing and video games u_u
anything else? Think that's it... I just made this account and idk if I'll be posting anything to my journal anytime soon, but I am fairly active on Tumblr
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name: Slip/Eleanor/LORD VANQUISHER
preferred pronouns: she/her
age: 20
location: Ireland
other online hangouts: tumblr, dA, AO3

what do you love about it: Animation! Delicious backgrounds! Complex and really well-written characters! Awesome music and storylines and dialogue and everything
favorite character: Chuck and Dutch
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck, Texas/Dutch, Texas/Julie, Julie/Claire, Smiling Dragon/King Vanquisher, Burners/Burners (everyone kiss)
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: More backstory about everything. How did the world end up like it is now? Is Detroit Deluxe the only Deluxe? How did Jacob and Mike meet? also this
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) not yet, but soon.

other fandoms: Supernatural, Community, Teen Wolf, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, others
hobbies: Drawing, writing, makin stuff
anything else?

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Wow oh my gOD we share a lot of fandoms! SPN, Teen Wolf, GoT, DW, idk about your others but I'm p. much The Multifandomer, so

I also enjoy drawing and I've been recently trying to get into writing... Ahh, it's hard but it's fun and I must improve!

You seem like a really cool/chill person! I'm going to casually follow you on tumblr & dreamwidth now ^q^ (I'm fritzier on tumblr, too)

Love your handle, btw! Lord Vanquisher and Smiling Dragon need to be a thing omfg

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preferred pronouns:She, her and so on
location:FL, USA
other online hangouts:Tumblr mostly, blog is Marselli

what do you love about it:Just about everything~ Okay, to start the animation is energetic and fluid. The attention to detail. A cast of diverse and endearing characters. And of course CARS~
favorite character:This is haaard. It's probably Chuck with Mike and Julie tying for second
favorite ship(s):Muck. I also like Dutch/Tennie
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: An episode where Mike comes down with the flu or something and the rest of the burners get into all sorts of shenanigans. Jacob tries to feed Mike all sorts of strange homeopathic remedies. Or alternatively, a short scene of Chuck teaching the burners D&D or a Magic style card game.
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional)

other fandoms:Tsuritama, Petshop of Horrors, various comics mostly DC/Vertigo but I like Marvel too, Malice Mizer (though it's kinda a dead fandom sobs), Sandman, Homestuck, various other anime/manga... Multifandomer here.
hobbies: Magic: The Gathering, comics, ballet, Lolita (and other street fashions like Otome-kei and Mori-kei), drawing, sewing and cosplaying
anything else?I'll be cosplaying Mike at Megacon with a Julie and Chuck!
(just realized why it was all in bold oops)
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name: V
preferred pronouns: she, her
age: 23
location: USA
other online hangouts: twitter, tumblr, AO3 (I've got an lj but I never really use it anymore. I don't really use this site much either)

what do you love about it: I love the action, the love the characters obviously have for each other, the dystopic setting, EVERYTHING. It's just a really fun, smart show.
favorite character: I want to say everyone but if I have to choose one I pick Chuck because he's my spirit animal.
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck because their bromance is so epic but I ship pretty much anything. They're all such cutie pies and several different interesting relationship dynamics are at play.
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: Julie episode of course. Also I'd like to see the Burners to team up with Tenny again because she's awesome.
do you have a motorcity self? (ex) Nope. I can't draw.

other fandoms: Community, Sherlock BBC, Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS/AOS, with a little dabbling in other fandoms
hobbies: reading (books, comics, whatever looks good at the library really), making jewelry, playing on Subeta
anything else? There's probably a lot I'm forgetting. I'm easiest to find on Twitter. Feel free to talk to me anytime. :)
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i dont sting; my guts'll come out

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name: Bee, also goes by Ohne or Canon
preferred pronouns: whatever man!
age: 18
location: Canada
other online hangouts: tumblr mostly

what do you love about it: wow omfg. the animation and art style are top of the list there. the plot was meh for me the first couple episodes but it's REALLY gotten good.
favorite character: tenny, claire and chuck... and mike....and dutch...and julie and texas and eVERYONE OK. but especially tenny
favorite ship(s): mike/chuck, claire/julie, all the canon ships...dutch/mike, texas/dutch, texas/julie....everytihng basically just throw it at me I WILL SHIP IT (optional)
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: Julie dealing with her double life. Also more tenny.
do you have a motorcity self? not yet D: I'd love to mmake one but i havent had the time!

other fandoms: Homestuck mostly, ib, hetalia, ace attorney, lots of stuff
hobbies: drawing writing, living on the internet
anything else? this fandom is rly great ok
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name: nicole
preferred pronouns: she/her
age: 18
location: southern california
other online hangouts: the tumbles, tumblurrino, twitter too.

what do you love about it: i love how stylized it is! it's always a peeve of mine when cartoons are constantly round and shiny and happy and bubbly, seeing something darker is way refreshing. plus the movement!! mike's fight sequences are the best.
favorite character: mikey. mike. yup. also babs... and julie..
favorite ship(s): smooshes everyone together......
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: backstory and a story arc!
do you have a motorcity self? naw

other fandoms: i like a lot of things but i don't consider myself part of the fandom?? aaa
hobbies: drawin, writing music
anything else? i get a little silly when posting on tumblr/communities because everyone's so articulate and cool and stuff so ???? also, who's going to comic con next week?
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name: teii
preferred pronouns: she/her
age: 21
location: bouncing around asia atm. \o/
other online hangouts: find me on tumblr or twitter as teii.

what do you love about it: the characters are so cute, animation is stellar, and i love how much ingenuity and details are put in the backgrounds (esp terra!)
favorite character: TEXAS. he's getting shafted pretty badly as the one-liner joke man, but--!
favorite ship(s): Chuck/Texas, Julie/Texas, Dutch/Tennie, Chuck/Claire, Julie/Claire
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: The Burners going to different cities-- what are they like? Do they have a megalomaniac at the helm too or are they perfect bubbles of uptopia living?
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) no, but i think i'd be a deluxian, because, hello, flying boxes as houses? totally there.

other fandoms: Adventure Time, GRAVITY FALLS, Community, TF2, L4D2, Portal, Professor Layton, Germany NT.
hobbies: cooking, photography, men's fashion, reading goofy ghost stories, music blogging.
anything else? [community profile] motorkink! \o/!!!!
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i hope i don't screw this up i've never posted on a dreamwidth page!!

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name: Left
preferred pronouns: they, their
age: 22
location: currently iowa city, soon pasadena
other online hangouts: Tumblr, dA

what do you love about it: The character designs, the choreography, and the characters are so cute UuU
favorite character: TEXAS
favorite ship(s): Texas/Dutch (best friends), Julie/Claire
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: MORE GOOD FIGHTS and more backstories!!!!
do you have a motorcity self? not yet.....

other fandoms: ummm gravity falls, korra, tf2, homestuck
hobbies: drawing!!! watching lots of tv and movies, studying art, reading.
anything else? nothing really!!!
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Re: i hope i don't screw this up i've never posted on a dreamwidth page!!

[personal profile] zawehzaweh 2012-07-06 11:15 am (UTC)(link)
*__* hyehhg
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name: Alek
preferred pronouns: he/him
age: 17
location: east coast of good ol' america
other online hangouts: uh tumblr ye (it's princealek)

what do you love about it: CHUCK. And the different ways everyone is drawn and the jokes and how sweet the characters are.
favorite character: CHUCK
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: Uh more different outfits I guess
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) i'm workin' on it

other fandoms: OH MAN uh supernatural, homestuck, gravity falls, adventure time, and like every webcomic available online also real comics too!!
hobbies: cosplaying
anything else? i'm gonna cosplay chuck soon
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name: larissa
preferred pronouns: she/her
age: 15 on july 23 uwu
location: new york!
other online hangouts: i'm on twitter mostly, tumblr sometimes, that's it really (barely on dreamwidth)

what do you love about it: it's a wonderful series with an interseting plot, captivating characters, and i loooove love the art
favorite character: ♡chuckles♡
favorite ship(s): MUCK but i call it muckles (optional)
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: a huge plot twist or something that will make me cry being emotionally wrecked is my favorite
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional): no

other fandoms: (LONG LIST AHOY) mainly kpop, homestuck, ace attorney, professor layton, legend of korra, 999, adventure time, POKEMANZ (pokemon uwu), some jpop/jrock, one direction (a lil bit), oh god there's probably more i love everything
hobbies: i like to write fics and make graphics, playing video games has become my life recently, and i'm also a musician!!
anything else?: i cant think of anything here uh uh uh well gosh i really love this fandom and would love to make more friends in it, my twitter is @giwoon cus really i stay on there all day ᴵ ᴴᴬⱽᴱ ᴺᴼ ᴸᴵᶠᴱ if you have any other questions just ask!!
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At the list of sounding ridiculously creepy, oh my Gosh you're so preciously young!

What instrument/etc do you play? O:

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name: Kat
preferred pronouns: she/he/any
age: 25
location: lower USA
other online hangouts: tumblr gets pretty much all my attention

what do you love about it: a varied POC main cast that's well written, solid character driven writing, the dystopian future-esque setting, and the wonderful animation and color work
favorite character: HELP I REFUSE TO PICK JUST ONE
favorite ship(s): Muckles (◡‿◡✿)

but in line of things that would actually be shown, more about Deluxe and that side of things, how Kane juggles his oppressive, dictator hatred of Motorcity with his benevolent facade to the citizens of Deluxe and aahhh any backstory on any of the mains

other fandoms: DANG THERE'S A LOT, I'VE BEEN AROUND MEDIA FOR A LONG TIME. currently though: supernatural, TJ and Amal and Boxer Hockey (TWO FANTASTIC WEBCOMICS, CHECK THEM OUT), last airbender/korra, devil may cry, marvel and dc comics and animated universes, disney (heavy focus on treasure planet sob), how to train your dragon, silent hill, psychonauts, THERE'S REALLY A LOT OK
hobbies: writing, character design, reading, vidya, too many things aaahhh
anything else? I almost never use this journal for anything but modding an RP so if you're honestly better off catching me at my tumblr (omg how am I the oldest here...,.,.,)
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[personal profile] drdsb 2012-07-06 04:55 am (UTC)(link)
name: Whil/Drdsb
preferred pronouns: um... he/she, her/him, but i'm cis female if you want to not confuse things : )
age: 18
location: TX, USA
other online hangouts: Tumblr (drdsb)

what do you love about it: The animation, the scenery, the colours~, and I absolutely adore the character dynamics. The music too! Everything actually...
favorite character: Chuck, but Mike holds a special place in my heart
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: Um... Chuck standing up for himself, some background on everybody would be nice. Really, I just want to see the show, more of it, more than just a season. And I'm not talking like... a huge epic, I just want it to finish it's story and not be cancelled : (
do you have a motorcity self? Nope.

other fandoms: Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, AtLA, Sherlock, Gorillaz (is... is that a fandom?), DC superheroes of any kind, Marvel superheroes of any kind. I love pretty much every fandom I get into, but I write very little for anything.
hobbies: Writing, Video games, watching good shows, Reading. That sorta thing.
anything else? Uh, I'm really shy and nervous and get flustered really easily but I'd like to be friends? Also, I'm pretty good to talk to if you have a problem : ) Oh! And I don't really use the journals on here, I made this for motorkink (wonderful little kink meme for motorcity, really, it's amazing), but I reblog a lot on Tumblr.
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[personal profile] zawehzaweh 2012-07-06 11:13 am (UTC)(link)
gives you a little smooch UuU
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[personal profile] plaidlove 2012-07-06 04:58 am (UTC)(link)
name: Kelli
preferred pronouns: they/them
age: 20
location: SD, USA
other online hangouts: plaidypus @ tumblr. I'm also at plurk.

what do you love about it: EVERYTHING. The art and music especially.
favorite character: I refuse to pick one.
favorite ship(s): Just about everything! I especially like poly!Burners.
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: Julie! Lots of more Julie! More Texas and plot. I would also love to see more of their world and how it works.
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) Not currently.

other fandoms: loads. Mostly cartoons.
hobbies: sitting on my butt and drawing.
anything else? I AM REALLY EXCITED TO JOIN A SUCH A WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL FANDOM THIS EARLY! Also I usually don't talk out of the blue, but I do love to have discussions.
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[personal profile] blackkid 2012-07-06 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
name: Dee
preferred pronouns: she, her...
age: 18
location: Florida, USA
other online hangouts: tumblr (blackkid.tumblr.com)

what do you love about it: it's just refreshing... it's nice to find a smart, humorous, and all-around fun show on tv for once.
favorite character: all of them. seriously. they are all well-made and lovable characters.
favorite ship(s): everyone/everyone. this is the first show i've ever seen that anything could work.
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: even more friendship related stuff would be rad.
do you have a motorcity self?: nah. i mean, i tried, but i really can't draw...

other fandoms: eh. i switch around a lot so i don't keep track of them. Motorcity might be the first actual "fandom" i've been a real part of.
hobbies: reading, writing, drawing. i really don't like talking about myself too much, actually...
anything else?: just stay classy, ya'll.
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[personal profile] mngwa 2012-07-06 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
name: Elaine
preferred pronouns: Feminine
age: Rather not.
location: US, Colorado
other online hangouts: Tumblr, mainly. I have the same URL there.

what do you love about it: The style, characterization, storytelling.... basically everything!
favorite character: Chuck. Hands down.
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck.
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: More info on everyone! And a werewolf ep. (plllleeeeease, titmouse?)
do you have a motorcity self? Not just yet. Working on one, though!

other fandoms: BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, Merlin, Supernatural, Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Good Omens.
hobbies: I like to draw and write. I haven't tried writing fanfic, but I may just for this fandom.
anything else? I really like mythology.
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[personal profile] radiocat19 2012-07-06 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
name: Lara
preferred pronouns: they, them
age: 18
location: FL, USA
other online hangouts: here on tumblr!

what do you love about it: What got me interested was the gorgeous artwork, but I hink it;s really the amazing characters and their relationships that are my favorite.
favorite character: can I just pick all the burners?
favorite ship(s): most of the pairings, like Mike/Chuck or Julie<>Mike or burners/burners
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: More background info! Both the characters' backstories and worldbuilding stuff like how do the hand computers work and what's Deluxe like
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) nope

other fandoms: mostly homestuck, but i dabble in comics, avatar the last airbender, gunnerkrigg court, and some other random things
hobbies: swimming, singing, learning to draw better, video games, crying about fictional characters
anything else?i'm mostly on tumblr so i guess you can find me there? also, thanks for being a rad fandom so far guys
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[personal profile] baronseal 2012-07-06 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
name: mega! i'm also open to being called kew
preferred pronouns: singular they but i don't really mind if you use others uwu
age: 16! i turn 17 on 12 september
location: central indiana, usa
other online hangouts: tumblr and neopets! i'm currently gunugy at both

what do you love about it: oh sO MANY THINGS. the animation and character design are superb and there's so many characters of color wow. all the characters are all likeable and interesting and unique. and the burners are all super comfortable with each other??? the amount of physical affection and openness between mike and chuck has made me cry actual tears
favorite character: i..i can't do this. i'm sorry
favorite ship(s):claire♦julie, mike♠duke, mike♥chuck (is it even possible to not ship that), uhh. i think i am okay with p. much all ships?? also duke♥mutt. it is a forbidden love
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: hghhf i really want this show to just exist forever @__@
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional): no but i should

other fandoms: major fandoms rn are homestuck and the avengers cineverse! though i guess i do participate in a bunch of others. it would probably be easier to say i'm not in sherlock or doctor who or supernatural fandoms. or most other live action things?? yeah
hobbies: drawing!!! starting video games and then not finishing them for a long time/ever. tumblr blogging and neopets
anything else? for about a week i had motorcity blacklisted with tumblr savior because i got so tired of seeing it on my dash. then there was drama about whitewashing mike and that made me mad so i unsaviored it
so that's my history with this fandom \m/

p.s. does this fandom have any trans* fics or any other fics that deal with characters being queer??? if it doesn't there should be. i don't want to be the only one crying about trans man chuck or genderqueer claire okay

young justice fandom spoiled me with trans* fics ;__;
Edited (clarifying something uwu) 2012-07-06 05:53 (UTC)
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[personal profile] zawehzaweh 2012-07-06 11:09 am (UTC)(link)
carries you in my arms i have transman!chuck and transgirl!julie as my headcanons for real i'm so glad i'm not alone ;;o;;;;

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im tired so expect a weird intro...

[personal profile] kuromisuki 2012-07-06 05:43 am (UTC)(link)
name: Basha is my RL name, but you can call me Kuromi or Kuro or whatnot
preferred pronouns: Female pronouns are fine
age: 19
location: Florida for now, moving to Cali soon
other online hangouts: Tumblr and that's really it.

what do you love about it: The art and the animation (I love Titmouse and their works). the characters are all great and the plot is really gripping at times.
favorite character: oh my god i can't choose they're all so perfect VwV;;
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck i love bromances too much. I also love Mike/Julie, Chuck/Claire, Texas/Dutch, Julie/Claire, and a lot more that im contemplating on shipping.
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: oh my god more about Mike and Julie's relations with Kane. what made Kane be so cynical. and where the heck are all the other cites in this world?
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) i really want to do it but as of now, no.

other fandoms: a lot of them, homestuck mainly, i also love touhou, lots and lots of anime, and video games. i watch other cartoons like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Gravity Falls. i love other webcomics and comic books too!
hobbies: drawing, ah, well... video games and watching stuff that's about it. used to roleplay too, but that was long ago, i dont have much of that left...
anything else? i want to make so many friends! im a nervous and shy person but i warm up to people, i really do. cause i want to gush about this show, it's SO GOOD i didnt expect myself to love it.
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[personal profile] psychosomaticdreamer 2012-07-06 06:05 am (UTC)(link)
name: pan
preferred pronouns: "it" but you can say he too
age: 20
location: CA (san diego)
other online hangouts: tumblr (same url as here)

what do you love about it: the community is really nice and yeah it's a very good-hearted show, i really hate most cartoons but it's an exception i guess
favorite character: ....texas .__.
favorite ship(s): (optional) julie c3- (kane, mike) HOT ASHEN OT3
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: MORE GIRLS THAT KICK BUTT THE END
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional) only on paper ._.

other fandoms: homestuck, bunch of animes, atla sorta, yeah i don't do fandoms very well and i dislike all live-action tv/movie stuff
hobbies: d&d (tabletop), sleeping, weird stuff
anything else? i'm super shy on the internet so i probably won't post much but um. the fandom is super cool and there's so many talented people!! you guys rock!! :D
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[personal profile] tanyart 2012-07-06 07:32 am (UTC)(link)
name: Tanya
preferred pronouns: she/her
age: 22
location: CA, USA
other online hangouts: tumblr @ tanyart (main) and lyricalt (art blog)

what do you love about it: the animation and enthusiastic fandom, hee.
favorite character: The Duke
favorite ship(s): self-loathing and unrequited Red->Mike (I'm so sorry for my life choices). that and burners/burners and everything else canon implied.
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: more worldbuilding, and the episodes in order. also a second season.
do you have a motorcity self? why yes i do! me on the right!

other fandoms: assassin's creed, ultimate spider-man (miles morales), nbc grimm, tsuritama, eyeshield 21, ao no exorcist, dogs: bullets and carnage, and temeraire.
hobbies: writing, drawing, rping, video games, biking, boogie-boarding, baking and cooking.
anything else? i'm not much of an active motorcity blogger, but i do art it from time to time, especially crossovers and AUs. ;u;

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[personal profile] zawehzaweh 2012-07-06 11:05 am (UTC)(link)
name: Jo!
preferred pronouns:him/he/his
age: 19!!!
location: OHIO!!
other online hangouts: tumblr mostly?? i post on DA but i'm mostly on tumblr ( my main blog:
favorite character: M...ike...:'^) but real talk i love everyone but i want to kiss mike i'm sor
favorite ship(s): hdhg i HAVE A LOT OF SHIPS but my main ships are Mike/Chuck, Julie/Claire, and Dutch/texas i'm boring
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: More about everyone's past!! more about the outside world!!! what happened why can kane take over why did jacob and kane start deluxe what HAPPENED IS IT A POST APOCOLYPTIC WORLD OUT THERE IS A WASTELAND!!! TELL ME!!!!!!
do you have a motorcity self? (ex) i do!!! but i need to draw it out lmfao. my guy is part of a gang called The Zawas!!

other fandoms: uuHH temeraire, homestuck, adventure time, ib, ATLA, Assassin's Creed
hobbies: drawing, reading, exercising, being a piece of shit all day with my cats????? that doesn't count?????
anything else? piss on me
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[personal profile] tanyart 2012-07-06 06:00 pm (UTC)(link)
pisses on u
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[personal profile] aelnova 2012-07-06 01:01 pm (UTC)(link)
name: Avonlea
preferred pronouns: She, her.
age: 17 (18 next month woo woo)
location: Fl, USA
other online hangouts: Tumblr (user aelnova)

what do you love about it: The character designs, the animation, the backgrounds. Everything is just perfect forever.
favorite character: Chuck. We are like the same person I swear.
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck, Jacob/Hudson, and No.2/Duke
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: Character back story!
do you have a motorcity self? Drawn on a piece of paper to never see the light of day.

other fandoms: Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, comics (mostly Daredevil), Young Justice, and Danny Phantom. Though Motorcity is my most active fandom.
hobbies: Drawing and writing.
anything else? I am trying to write a song using Motorcity quotes and I need to get so many more.
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[personal profile] silenthilllz 2012-07-06 01:51 pm (UTC)(link)
name: Hali
preferred pronouns: She, her, etc
age: 17
location: TN, USA
other online hangouts: Tumblr (Silenthilllz), FB, DA (chibilover12 and Silenthilllz), Youtube (Silenthilllz)

what do you love about it: Everything pretty much. I am pretty much a pretty easy person to get into watching things involving hot/cute and mecha things. And if I sense pairings, then I stick. The animation is killer, the characters are loveable, plot is awesome.
favorite character: Everyone basically, even Tooely I guess
favorite ship(s): Muckles my fucking OTP.
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: HMMM, the reason why Chuck has 9 tones :V
do you have a motorcity self? (ex)(optional)YES ;;

other fandoms: Pokemon, ... UH... And many others...
hobbies: Drawing, Tae-Kwon-do, gaming
anything else? Nope -_- I do, play ZOMG on gaia tho.
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[personal profile] starship_potato 2012-07-06 03:32 pm (UTC)(link)
name: Louis
preferred pronouns: he, him
age: 14
location: Ohio
other online hangouts: Tumblr (http://connor-sexual.tumblr.com/)

what do you love about it: The animation, the character design, the colors just everything is wonderful.
favorite character: Dutch
favorite ship(s): Mike/Chuck and Texas/Julie
what do you REALLY wanna see in the show: More of texas background, and more of jacob
do you have a motorcity self? nope

other fandoms: Assassins creed, doctor who, sherlock, merlin, and homestuck
hobbies: Drawing, writing, play video games, and writing music
anything else? Not really

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