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Episode Discussion: Ride of the Fantasy Vans

Spoiler Warning! This post contains spoilers for the July 5th episode, "Ride of the Fantasy Vans".

Thoughts about the recent episode?
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That episode. Chuck is like us. He had followers, Mike stole them, then Chuck gained them back by saving Mike's ass.


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So I guess it's pretty obvious that Chuck has an inferiority complex? That or seeing as a person like Mike being his best and closest friend can take a toll on his self esteem...

But oh god I was nearly squealing when Chuck saved Mike/defeated that monster
He looked so happy and proud of himself?? And then everyone was bowing to him and he got his title back.. ahhh you could see he was basically beaming with confidence which made me happy :)))
This was a really good episode for his character development

And some backstory on Kane and Jacob so ++++++++

Also Chuck's nerdy joke in the beginning of the episode he is such a perfect dork it hurts me
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Yeah same what I like is that they don't make it that Mike is THE ABSOLUTE PERFECT GUY and Chuck is left as a sidekick, because in the end both need each other and it's like their relationship is putting two puzzle pieces together (i hope that made sense oop)

HAHA YEAH And Texas is sooo gonna take up LARPing after this, maybe he can even drag the rest of the gang in it (Julie was up for it plus Mike and Dutch would obv just roll with it)

I seriously can't wait for next week this is growing to be one of my favorite shows
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YES AGREED how many seasons have been confirmed please say more than one :(
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Oh okay good because I thought it was going to be 12/14 episodes like LoK was but thankfully it'll be more!

Really, it has low ratings? I think the tumblr fandom has been growing though and a lot of the users in the tag are like "should I give it a try" so hopefully more people will start to watch?

It's an incredibly show and I'm as worried as you (nd everyone else) is about news about more seasons

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The thing about television ratings is that only houses that have a Nielsen Box can contribute to those numbers. :I If you have one, great! If you don't have one, the best way to help the show out is to buy it off iTunes. :3

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You would know! Nielsen contacts people randomly asking if they want to participate, then send them this really weird looking box?

I'm pretty sure it's the same rules for Canada? And haha I know how you feel, I hadn't watched tv on tv in years until Korra. C:
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Since I'm a pretty avid Magic player I pretty much died when I saw the card game.

Also it was nice to see Chucks weapon of choice again.

(and back to Magic kinda for a bit) Younger Kane's eyes look a lot like an Innistrad vampire with the black sclera and bright irises but they don't look like that in present day... huh